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Something big and exciting is happening in Europe, but for terrible reasons. It's time for people to come together to debate what kind of Europe they want. If you can get an audience together, we can help you create a thought-provoking event structured around the free screening of The Great European Disaster Movie, the latest film by Annalisa Piras and Bill Emmott.

Wake Up! Six reasons to be positive about Europe

1. Donald Trump has shown why we simply have to stick together and fight populists. They are too dangerous to ignore. Thank goodness he looks like he will lose on November 8th. Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders, Boris Johnson and other populists must be treated, like Trump, as enemies of rationality, truth and common sense.

2. The banking crisis has returned to the heart of Europe, Germany, with Deutsche Bank the markets' greatest fear. Germans can no longer dismiss it as all being due to feckless Italians and Greeks. Real action to clean up Europe's banks, build a proper banking union, and foster economic growth should now be possible.

3. Russia has confirmed through its connivance in the destruction of Aleppo, in the same brutal style as it destroyed Grozny, that it is utterly ruthless and alien to European values. Illusions held in some EU countries about Russia must now have faded. There is no obstacle to solidarity.

4. Greece is at last carrying out the reforms it needs to qualify for its next bailout loan, so it is joining Spain and Ireland as bailout successes. It is time for Germans to declare "victory" and to quietly abandon the self-defeating policies of austerity.

5. Federica Mogherini is developing and pioneering Europe's first truly common security and defence policy, thanks to the pressures from the still horrendous migrant crisis. She is getting no help from the EU's poor implementation of its refugee deal with Turkey. But the co-operative naval effort in the Mediterranean has been a good start, one which needs to be followed by a mature, grown-up, joint EU approach to asylum-processing, resettlement and persuading countries in Africa to readmit deported migrants. Until now, national and EU asylum policies (except in Germany and Sweden) have been pathetic.

6. Brexit, the slumping pound and the disarray shown by Britain's government over its negotiating position show the folly of June's referendum vote. The risk that others will follow can be defeated.

All this means that Europe has its first real chance in a decade to shock itself out of its torpor, unite and start building constructive collaborative policies again. But it will do so only if we can rally European citizens to support the process and to believe that European values are really too precious to throw away in a fit of nationalism and populism. All of us must play our parts.

The Wake Up Foundation

October 20th 2016

Sign our letter to Donald Tusk and the European Council

Read the Wake Up Europe! call to action: "What is to be done?"

Watch Annalisa Piras' wake up call to Europe, London, 24th June

The Film

The Great European Disaster Movie was filmed in six countries and has so far been broadcast in 12 and translated into 10 languages, including Japanese. The film is available for one off, educational, public screenings on a strictly not for profit basis. 

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  • We urgently need all to talk about Europe, understand and discuss what it is about, fight shallow thinking, ideologies and prejudices and find out how we can better live together on our continent. The Great European Disaster Movie is an excellent starting point. Come on: start the debate!

    Imke Henkel

    Journalist & Academic 

  • A campaign focusing on real European issues and real people and their understanding of these issues. The debate on Europe is about to get interesting!

    Kinda Haddad

    Founder of Bulbula, London, UK

  • At last a campaign that puts the onus on all of us to make the EU a better place to be rather than relying on some mysterious reform process from on high.

    Professor Michael Shackleton

    Maastricht University, NL

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Wake Up Europe is a campaign brought to you by the Wake Up Foundation. It was sparked by the themes explored in The Great European Disaster Movie by Annalisa Piras and Bill Emmott.

We believe in the values that inspired the European project but that this project isn't working. Europe is sleep-walking towards disaster. We must wake up Europe so that we can save Europe from itself.

This job is too important to be left to the elites, the media, the political parties alone: ordinary people must be encouraged to discuss what Europe they want to see.

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